My biggest fear

                        is that eventually

                                                  y o u  will see  m e

                                                                           the way  I  see  m y s e l f 

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Diabolical Immorality || theblackmartyr



It was understandable that her partner would burst into flames due to this case. Anything family related was enough to get Haruki stirring about. Or so it seemed. Kirigiri on the other hand was rather laid back and did what was necessary to get the job done. It was reasonable for everyone to be unsettled by this case, however, her and Haruki were given files at this moment. 

Kirigiri couldn’t imagine how it was like for this entire thing to happen. Hell, if she imagined her wife, Celestia Ludenberg also known as Taeko Yasuhiro throwing her son down a ravine, she’d be devastated. Shuddering lightly, the detective forced those very nasty thoughts away to focus on what her partner had to say. 

"…nurse. How amusing. You’d think a nurse wouldn’t do such things, but it is ironic for how it was all so sudden without warning." Kirigiri replied, shuffling the files once again. "Male? That certainly helps. Cuts the population in half for us for this hooded person." 

All this frustration was getting to the best of her it seems. Typical. Though Kirigiri knew better than to just tell Haruki to calm down. It never worked like that. Skimming through text once again, she checked her computer to find a message of the need for investigation at the zoo tonight. Apparently said sighted nurse had been acting a bit…feral. Frowning, faceted amethyst gazed at lava-colored hair. "Most of these cases are not related to each other, or so I believe. Trust me, if they were able to figure it out, they wouldn’t have sent it to us. That’s why we are of the top of the spectrum. Must I remind you every time?" 

At least they were both paid heavily for these things, hell most heavy paying jobs weren’t this nice. Though besides the days that it was mandatory they worked overtime. Not that Kirigiri minded of course. 

A bad horror film? That was something new. Kirigiri could see similar events to such things happening, but would she believe in said possessions and such? Not in the likelihood. She believed in science, not religion or any of the sorts. Yet, she did have some spiritual things connected, thanks to Celestia. 

A sigh was given. "Sagae. Tonight we are taking a trip to the zoo to investigate. Apparently they have found sight of the said woman who threw her son down a ravine. Perhaps we are able to acquire more evidence as well during this trip." 

Kirigiri didn’t like working overtime, especially the fact she had a wife, a son and a daughter to take care of. She also knew Haruki too had a lovely family to be with and this hindered both their time back at home. Better make this quick. "The sooner we’re done with this the better. Shall we head out?" 

Stirring was a mild word for the burning hatred she was feeling for this woman. Haruki wanted nothing more than to throw her into a fucking ravine and see how she liked it but murder was illegal and that probably wasn’t the best course of action to take in such circumstances. She would just have to do her best on the case…

A faint scoff left her lips at that, how fucking ironic.It didn’t make it any less frustrating or horrific though. "Hmh… Possibly but half the population is not a good lead though I guess from this we can sort of estimate a build and size so there’s something…" She grumbled, not to optimistic about this case. Why was everyone she associated herself with either stone cold or a damn psychopathic criminal…? She really needed a new job…

A heavy sigh left her lips then, "Being the best sucks ass." Majorly. Haruki didn’t want to be the best if it meant taking up soon to be cold cases and fucking her sleeping habit like a cheap whore in Amsterdam. The woman couldn’t actually remember the last time she slept at a decent time of day… "It’s your fault for being too good, y’know that right?"

At Kirigiri’s expression, Haruki’s own looked so despairingly and disapprovingly to the others. Did she know what time it was? "You’re determined to put us into a horror cliché, aren’t you?" She complained as she stood. It wasn’t like the evidence was going anywhere and what was a midnight trip to an eerie place enclosed with dangerous animals and a possibly mad man going to yield? One of them ending up in hospital or the morgue.

"Jesus fucking christ… The things I do for you." With that, she snatched her coat from the back of her chair and hissed out a sigh. "I really hope you intend to take your gun because this is just below going to an insane asylum or hospital at night." Haruki just plain did not agree going to search for evidence at night, why bother? You could see clearer during the day and there was no chance of an axe wielding maniac sneaking up on them but hell… Kirigiri was the boss. 

"Come on… Before I see sense and decide this is a bad idea…"


This summer my dash is probably going to be like

  • gay
  • gay
  • flesh-eating monsters
  • hella gay

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just FUCKING kiss already!
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Oh… my…. <:c


Hello, Isuke sama!

Get off of me before I kill you, idiot~ 

So I saw this picture and instantly thought: dOr k sAnd thats how this happened basically…yeah.

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