I’m deleting this blog and moving Haruki a a multi-Muse here: so if you guys wanna keep interacting with her then feel free to head over to that blog, I’ll happily continue threads there if you just poke me to tell me that you’ve replied ^^

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I’m deleting this blog and moving Haruki a a multi-Muse here: so if you guys wanna keep interacting with her then feel free to head over to that blog, I’ll happily continue threads there if you just poke me to tell me that you’ve replied ^^

Thank you!~

I’m deleting this blog and moving Haruki a a multi-Muse here: so if you guys wanna keep interacting with her then feel free to head over to that blog, I’ll happily continue threads there if you just poke me to tell me that you’ve replied ^^

Thank you!~

theblackmartyr asked:
Haruki carefully untied the black bow within kyouko's hair and replaced it with one of her own, smiling lightly.




Kirigiri watched the other untie the black ribbon to her hair. Due to the gesture, the detective blushed lightly, smiling back in response. “Ah? Haruki? Did you want to trade ribbons?” 



"I do admit, it would certainly look wonderful in your hair." Kirigiri had thought about the ribbon tied up on Haruki’s hair. "I suppose with the ribbon of yours, I can use it instead of my tie on some days. It certainly would be a nice change." 

The detective found it cute how the other was a bit possessive with her, marking her with a pretty accessory. It certainly was flattering to know the other really, really liked her so enough to do so. 

"Ehh, Thanks and it’s up to you if you wanna wear it or not…" Haruki shrugged lightly with a smile. Whilst she’d love for Kirigiri to wear her bow every day, she wouldn’t be that demanding or pushy. "I’ll keep yours on me though… I do need more hair accessories…~"

Kirigiri might find it endearing, Haruki was just hoping that she wasn’t being too possessive or smothering of her girlfriend. The assassin knew she could be very over bearing…

Alluded Desire || Theblackmartyr


Kirigiri bowed before walking in, faceted amethyst eyes gazing around the very household. She had seen many kinds of homes. Some middle class, some poor, some of the richest homes even. Her work as a detective allowed these opportunities but she had to admit it was rather homey. The bitterness of Tsukiko was probably understandable to her if Celestia explained the situation, but they could not talk normally but merely stare each other in the eye to see that there were things necessary to discuss later. 

Looking back at Fuyuka, the sleuth took her head. “No worries. This is of your home. You shall keep it in the state you desire it to be kept.” It was true, she had no say, nor did she mind. 

The breakfast statement was enough to make the detective understand why Celestia was staying. “It is rather rude that I did not introduce myself. Even our meeting shall be sort, I shall do so anyway. Kyouko Kirigiri. Also, I believe your sister and mother need not to make me anything, for I have already eaten.” 

Kirigiri had approached the kitsune, gently ruffling her raven locks of hair playfully before patting her shoulder. The gambler chuckled lightly before fixating her crimson gaze onto Fuyuka. "I can see the tension in you. You do not need to be so tense around us. Do what you must, our stay will not be long." 

Both lavender and crimson eyes soon looked up at the ceiling. Some sounds were above and one could notice the focused gaze of the lilac-haired girl as she deciphered the amount of siblings that were up and about. Quite a large family it seems. Besides that, Celestia felt a little uneasy. Not because of the number of people in this very building, nor from the mother’s grudge of her kind, but it was something. Something ached to claw itself out of her that wasn’t hunger or course.

The raven knowing the gambler well enough nudged Celestia to snap out of her small, odd trance of thought before looking back at Fuyuka. “Just like what Celestia has said, do not be so tense around us. We’re rather civilized people and do not see the need to be treated as kings and queens. I do apologize on Celestia’s behalf for dropping by unexpected. Do give your elder sister her gratitude.”

Celestia pouted lightly at Kirigiri talking. It was true, thus she said nothing about it as she looked away.  

Being tense was nothing new, Fuyuka had been burdening a lot for a long time so a little longer with upper class guests would not be too much trouble. "It is not a burden and I believe mother and Haruki would be greatly displeased if I didn’t show the proper respect to you both." She dipped her head once more before closing the front door with a faint sigh before her attention fixated upon Kirigiri. "Fuyuka Sagae… it is a pleasure to meet you, Kirigiri-…san…?" Was that the correct suffix? Fuyuka didn’t know at all.


Fuyuka bowed deeply once again, "I also apologize greatly for my mothers ill will towards you. She usually is not to hostile…!" These were powerful people and Fuyuka did not want her family pissing them off and getting some horrid karma in turn bite them. That would be just their luck…

Haruki did poke her head out to peer at the pair before grinning, it was no surprise her sister was being so rigid and formal. Briefly, she thought about saving the girl but the socialisation wouldn’t hurt her thus she vanished back into the kitchen and began setting up the breakfast table whilst Fuyuka fumbled about.

It wasn’t nary a few minutes later that three boys stumbled down the stairs laughing and playfighting loudly as they made their way into the kitchen. Fuyuka looked mortified as she watched them do so, it was only the last of the three, Aki, who spotted the pair and just gawked. "Whose ‘at?" He asked after a moment, glancing to his sister them back. 

The brunette didn’t quite know how to reply, opening then shutting her mouth as the overwhelming urge to bow her head and apologize once more took over. Why couldn’t her family have some manners…?

It was quite fortunate that Haruki swept the boy off his feet and answered for her whilst he shrieked and laughed loudly, "Those are our guests, so you better be nice or you’ll be in trouubbllee~" The huntress chuckled, replying in a sing-song voice before grinning to the pair. "You can come on through if you like. Standing in the wall way must be kinda awkward…" 

Tsukiko had ended up with the twins on her lap, grinning and babbling excitedly. Neither of them ever remembering seeing their mother out of her bed, it was new territory and who knew, maybe she’d play with them like Haruki did!

Alluded Desire || Theblackmartyr



Sisterly love was a very, very pleasant thing wasn’t it? She gave her welcome to Haruki. Though she remained in spot, watching the huntress give the younger girl a glance due to the guest that was at their door. Lovely. She had watched Fuyuka grab the small, orange phone as the door was opened and from then on, crimson eyes could see the lilac locks of hair. No surprise it was Kirigiri. She could sense the other several feet away with no worries. 

The gambler let out a small chuckle when Haruki acquired back her phone. She was pretty excited to us it. Was her presence really that enthralling for the other to merely gawk at the small device? Who knew. Though certainly she could tell that the detective at the door remained unfazed, but she could see the slight curiosity that rang in those lavender eyes. 

The small scowl from Tsukiko made Celestia look behind. Ah. The mother figure of this household was very, very bitter about their kind wasn’t she? Fortunately for her, Kirigiri had no abilities that were like curses. Elemental magic was what she possessed for damage, but that certainly didn’t come into play for now. Celestia averted her gaze back at the lilac raven, smiling and waving lightly from near the door. 

Kirigiri on the other hand stared at the brunette closely. This was the very presence that caught her interest. Lavender eyes fixated onto Fuyuka for a brief second, she had ignored Haruki’s little battle for her phone back, though she was curious on why it had happened. The sleuth wouldn’t question such things for now. She was here to pick up her dearest friend after all. 

Taking her hand away from her hair, the raven crossed her arms together. “I am merely here to pick up Celestia.” Lavender eyes gazed at Tsukiko from the distance, aware that the other was snarling at her. 

"Your mother wouldn’t be too happy if I stayed, therefore I shall be on my way after your guest leaves your household. Unless, you plan on keeping her for a while longer, to where then I shall remain nearby until she is free." Kirigiri said once again, averting her gaze to the side. 

At that moment, Celestia giggled quietly. "Kyouko dear, I’m afraid I did give Sagae-san my word of staying. After all, she prevented me from leaving, so I suppose you shall be staying here for a short while. Though, knowing you, you are an early bird, up and ready an hour before I. Your company will be lovely." 

Kirigiri stared at Celestia from the corner of her eye before looking at both Haruki and Fuyuka. “I…see. Very well, I suppose.” Looking back at Fuyuka, the lilac-haired girl spoke once again. “Would you mind I entered your household? Certainly one such as yourself would be a lovely hostess. You do have charm for it after all.” 

Smooth. Celestia couldn’t help but chuckle quietly from the comment of her friend. The detective knew how to talk that’s for sure. 

Bitterness was an understatement though with the curse she had endured for so long, watching her kids slave away just to keep her alive the best they could… Who wouldn’t be pissed off when the very same daughters let those creatures into her home? Tsukiko wanted nothing more to do with them nor did she want their money. The thought of being indebted to them made her bristle though what could she do but hope they didn’t come back. She huffed and headed into the kitchen, it seemed they would be having more mouths to feed for breakfast whether she wanted it or not…

Haruki’s excitement lasted only so long before noting her mother slink off. She wouldn’t have been too bothered if she hadn’t been hobbling along. A heavy sigh left her lips as she followed her mother, "I’ll go help with breakfast, Yuka~ I’m sure our guests are safe in your hands!~" Even with worry, the woman remained ever chipper and gave no indication to her sister that she suspected her mother was taxing herself too much.

Fuyuka, who was finding herself somewhat intimidated by the lilac haired woman before her, jumped somewhat before nodding, "E-Eh? Sure… Uhm… Ok…" The brunette stepped aside to allow Kirigiri in, unsure of what to do with the two guests now that she was on her own. 

She slipped into formality with ease though and found herself bowing her head in apology, "I’m sorry for the mess. If I was made aware that we would be having guests last night-…" It was somewhat distressing to have two of them here now and a messy house, she could have at least got downstairs looking decent enough for morning…

The elder sibling had convinced her mother to take a seat whilst she finished up breakfast. The heavy footsteps that echoed upstairs were a clear sign that the rest of her family would be making an appearance shortly. Whilst she had time, a cup of tea was set down in front of her mother as she offered the woman a smile, "Don’t worry…~ Me and ‘Yuka will take care of things." 

If Tsukiko was honest, she was somewhat scared that Haruki would do just that and how unfair it would be for her to do so. She was too young to be running a household.

At the first signs of life, Fuyuka actually paled some. With high class guests, she didn’t want her family embarrassing themselves in front of these people. The girl just knew today was going to be stressful… 


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