"…it is best that I reside at your place despite the fact that your family may or may not come onto me for what ever reason they seem fit." A sigh. "I appreciate your concern, Sagae-san. I shall repay you back with some gratitude when I acquire my vision back." 

Kirigiri blinked a few times, moving her hands to the other’s shoulders. “Now…I suppose I shall hold your hand and travel with you to your place, no?” 

"Eeeehh-…" Haruki blinked at her before chuckling, "Don’t worry about repaying me, Kirigiri, it’s what friends do right~?" She chirped, happily grasping onto the girl’s hand and pulling her a little closer to guide Kirigiri back to her home. The assassin only hoped the house was in a semi-clean state and her family weren’t acting up… The hellion’s they were…

"That’s the plan~ Just to warn you, I have 9 siblings and they’re all younger than me so you might get uh-… swarmed…" With her free hand, Sagae scratched at her head lightly before chuckling once again. It was best to warn Kirigiri before ending to lair of the beast though it wouldn’t be too hard to shoo the younger ones on, it’d just be the lads that would be boisterous.

theblackmartyr asked:
Haruki snuck up on the kiwifruit, arms looping around the lilac haired detective before her head rested on Kirigiri's shoulder with a grin. "Why hello there, little lady~"




Kirigiri tensed up from the sudden embrace. Knowing by voice and footsteps, it was Haruki. “Ah? Hello there, Sagae-san. What brings you here today?”



How heartbreaking. Kirigiri wasn’t sure how to feel at this very situation, and she could merely stare at the other with her usual expression, though, her eyes gave out a lot more than necessary. Eyes were terrible liars after all. “No need to apologize. You have your reasons.” Kirigiri answered firmly in response, clenching her teeth together lightly. 

Her presence wounded the other, didn’t she? As much as Kirigiri hated to admit it, she truly wished for the other’s despair to end. Yet, that wouldn’t happen so easily would it? It was all in due time or that her heart reached for the other as well. Love. Love was something the lilac-haired girl lost due to the past. A delicate rose flower blooming, yet, the blue hues and tinges symbolized unobtainable love. 

How Haruki wished she hadn’t cast her gaze to Kirigiri’s face nor picked up glimpses of the emotion behind those lilac eyes. If only for her sake, Haruki would get better at lying and try to save the other the pain and pity; It was the least she could do…

"Perhaps so but it annoyed you so it’s appropriate that I apologize for making you feel that way." The assassin countered, chuckling weakly as she glanced aside. For now, it was probably best she didn’t look too hard upon the other for fear of breaking her heart further or causing Kirigiri more bothersome emotions that she probably didn’t want to feel. Perhaps one day, Haruki would stop being so self-destructively selfless…


Akuma no CRACK #5

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How damn sour Haruki was. It wasn’t the first time the other had lashed out at her for being either stubbornly cold and stoic, let alone authoritative. Then again, one couldn’t blame her. Kirigiri would never blame her for how the other had changed. She could remember the early days, the days where the lava-haired girl was oh so cheerful, preppy and outgoing. A smile always on her face. 

Death and terrifying scenarios and situations had shattered that attitude and replaced it with darkness in a sense. Alongside with sarcasm and dark humor. Hell, the lilac detective felt surprised on certain days. Some days she found it amusing how the other managed to crack a joke here and then without being so cynical about it. 

Sighing, the other’s words seemed to force the detective to be quiet, following her into the vehicle. The vehicle was well equipped of course. Kirigiri’s own car was the same thing. If…they used it that is. Haruki for some reason preferred her own vehicle. 

This past week had been dreadful for the lilac girl. Haruki had it a bit easier, but Kirigiri had faced grim situations of being called over on spot to assist a baby. A baby wrapped in towels and was freezing on a cold, stormy day. The lilac girl had tried everything to help it, but in the end, she ended up giving CPR to a dead child, a baby who hasn’t even spoke of their first words. 

This situation with the nurse only spiked the amount of salt and acid poured onto her wound. Metaphorically speaking. Ah. Children. Nothing wounded Kirigiri more than using children. Not only she was the father of two, her past also connected to a grim event. One that haunted her so on occasion. 

Gritting her teeth lightly as Haruki drove the vehicle, the light amethyst-eyed girl missed her wife and children tremendously. Things weren’t so grand, but every moment she got to spend with them was worth it. Only…if there was more. God help that society didn’t cause such large ruckuses and cases. It would help Haruki and Kirigiri so much. Hell, the easiest things they would do is file certain things and that was it. 

Snapping out of her trance, Kirigiri took up her receiver. Apparently there were a few cops at the zoo. What seemed frightening was that the nurse was there somewhere behind the gates, let alone all of the power seemed to shut down without a warning. Odd. 

Answering to the call that she and Haruki would be there the lilac girl  placed the small device away, glancing over to read how the other was feeling. Probably the same. Bitter. Tired. Stressed. Probably too much all at once. 

It’s funny really, the detective knew both of them felt similar, but Kirigiri wasn’t completely cold. “Sagae-san.” Kirigiri spoke first, breaking the eerie silence. “Later on, perhaps I can treat you out as an apology for being… a bit snippy with you of late?” 

Haruki had only really half listened to the receiver and the news they were being given. Power off… Nurse present. With that information alone, the cop put her foot down and began breaking several traffic laws in the process. She didn’t care, that bitch was not going to escape if Haruki had any say in this. 

The woman found it hard to be anything but bitter and aggressive for the best part, it seemed to be a good outlet for all the frustration and misery that piled up in her life though taking it out on others was anything but fair. Half the time she didn’t care enough to consider that though and thus ended up in situations like this.

Blinking slightly, Haruki cast her gaze momentarily across to Kirigiri then back to focusing on driving, It wasn’t like their destination was too far off with how recklessly she was driving. 

It was somewhat of an oppressive feeling that settled upon her chest and left her feeling very weighed down. A ‘treat’ would probably not alleviate the ache either, Haruki was more than aware. She was pretty sure that she would’ve preferred the silence than this offer…

The spiteful side of her had told her that she should snarl and spit venom at Kirigiri for daring to much such an offer but at the same time, the masochistic side of her new that she’d rarely get such an opportunity again and Haruki wasn’t one for wasting such things.

Snippy was an understatement though. Her boss had been riding her ass consistently for a few weeks and whilst Haruki didn’t usually mind, hell, it came with the job; There had nary been time for her to get so much as a breath in and she couldn’t remember the last time she actually had a day off within the last month. It was tiring and the woman just wanted some respite from it all.

Sighing heavily, Haruki could only mull over the offer and leave Kirigiri within the awkward and oppressive silence once more. It was only when they had arrived and Haruki had successfully parked her car did she give an answer after struggling with it during the trip. 

"You don’t have to feel obliged to do anything with or for me, Kirigiri." The lack of emotion to her reply even surprised Haruki who had to blink a moment later before offering a faint smile, "I’m sure you’re a busy woman… I wouldn’t want to waste your precious time." It wasn’t like they got free time often and when they did, Haruki was sure her boss would prefer to spend it with her family instead of a brooding woman with a smoking problem.

"… C’mon… We better go catch this woman before she escapes." If she did then Haruki hoped Kirigiri knew she would be ducking for cover for the red haired woman would blow her fuse very quickly. 


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